voodoo ritual return of affection of the david medium


These two magic statuettes, representing a woman and a man are specially designed with the trunk of the tree IROKO, which is also a very powerful fetish tree and recognized by the masters of the universe and very old formulas to bring back to you or to retain anyone who is dear to you.

Example: your wife, husband, boyfriend, partner, spouse, and anyone you want with all your heart. Once that person is with you, you will not lose that person and nothing will separate you except that you yourself have decided to separate. It will be enough to invoke his name, first name and date of birth including his astrological sign and your wishes in order to cast a spell on him during the rituals by pronouncing lost words and magic formula of love while tying him with a rope magic to bind the two statuettes. After you throw it into the sea; The two heads together.More nothing can divide you and your union will be as you would have wished forever.

Great Master David Marabout


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