Love Magic Padlock from Master Sami Sam Marabout


The padlock of love has the role of permanently attaching to you a person or your husband who has left you or who still lives with you.

Get the lock of love from Master Sami.
At the foot of a candle place the photo or default replace by a witnesses of the person: ie an object or clothing used by that person you liked or you want unconditional love.
Burn with a nail the name and surname and hers on the candle after having coated the holy oil.A Friday night in your bedroom while visualizing your desires in the most accurate way possible for at least 30 minutes.
Light the candle and let it burn and extinguish itself. Pick up the residue and close the padlock and throw the residue and padlock into a stream.

NB: the African magic padlock is sold on order and send by the DHL and you will receive it after 72 hours

Grand Master Sami Marabout



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